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Empowerment & coaching experiencefor group or couple

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What is an escape room?

You must have already heard of escape rooms, and probably more than once. It's that thing that your cousin does, or that a co-worker suggested as team-building activity, but you might still not be sure – what are escape rooms, exactly? What are they all talking about? Well, think that you're playing a game that requires you to complete a certain mission using your environment. You've probably seen such games on a computer or a smartphone: "Adventure" games, or maybe "Quests" or "Escape the Room" games. These games happen in locations full of details, in which you need to find specific items and solve mysteries and riddles that will allow you to progress, until finally you reach a solution – whether you shut down a hostile computer system, or find the Elixir of Life. Now imagine that you yourself are in this game, physically, and you only have one hour to complete the mission. Together with your friends you will enter another world, where you will need to examine your surroundings, cooperate, and eventually return to the real world, before you run out of time.

Locked escape room is a tool for personal and group coaching and empowerment

Leadership Skills
Each escape room is made of substantial amount of puzzles and problems that need to be solved, problems that different members of the team could solve in different degrees of efficiency. From room to room, team members learn each other's strengths and weaknesses. Each and every member of the team knows when to take responsibility over the solution of a problem and to guide the others in solving it, while also knowing when to step back and let someone else lead the charge.
A group experience for every pocket
The more people you enter, the more challenging it will be, and the cheaper it will be for each of you. Each room can accommodate 2-6 team members, and you can order a package of tickets whose cost to the player decreases as you bring more friends.
Thinking outside of the box
Encyclopedic knowledge of trivia or a degree in engineering usually won't help to solve the room. To solve an escape room the players need to examine the situation, and to use the tools in their possession to solve it. Common sense, thinking outside of the box and trial and error are in constant use in the room. Experienced players know how to spot opportunities,
see what's essential and not give up when something doesn't work.
Team work
Team work is a key element in the solution of any escape room. After all, this is an activity that requires at least two players, and is some cases more than that. It is impossible to solve an escape room alone. The team in the room needs to overcome a series of puzzles, locks and obstacles in order to advance. The key to success is in good communication and effective cooperation between the team members. Team members who solve escape rooms together learn to know each other better in stressful situations, and learn to work together in the most effective ways.

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